Our Process

Unlike firms that offer template-based solutions, Innovations collaborates with each client to develop the most targeted, effective and economical telehealth program based on that client's specific needs and goals.

Here's how Innovation's will work with you...

  1. We review your business model, service area and goals.
  2. We create a custom legal/regulatory matrix for each jurisdiction.
  3. We apply the matrix to your business model to optimize the model for all jurisdictions.
  4. We review your technology (existing and needed) and recommend effective choices to optimize every dollar.
  5. We review staffing for appropriate levels and scope of practice.
  6. We review the optimized model for financial viability and legal and regulatory compliance.
  7. We check marketing and PR content to avert liability and publicity issues.
  8. We support your government relations efforts and help build consortiums to advance the industry.