Business Consulting

Know your telehealth business model is positioned to thrive before you jump.

Your business is our business.

We know this industry, the players and the pitfalls perhaps better than anyone. We don’t offer you templates; we offer you confidence. Let the experts do the work for you, including:

  • Developing business models and strategic goals
  • Assessing your business model and offering solutions that help you stay profitable and productive
  • Prioritizing clinical programs 
  • Reviewing and recommending healthcare providers, staffing levels and other specific needs
  • Developing workflow and consumer engagement applications
  • Prescreening marketing and public relations key messages and materials for content that can cause confusion or trigger a legal or public relations firestorm (and recommend revisions to help you stay on regulators’ good side) 
  • Working with spokespersons on crisis communications: what should – and what shouldn’t – be said/seen when discussing your telehealth program 

CTeL Innovations is the authoritative source for sound telehealth business advice.