Legal and Regulatory Services

Know how telehealth laws and regulations in every state and country affect you before you start.

CTeL Innovations is the leading source at every level.

We know this turf. You won’t need to research state, federal and international laws and regulations; we’ve lived here since telehealth began appearing in the public/commercial sector – long before anyone else paid attention. We offer: 

  • Easy-to-understand, issue-specific legal and regulatory matrix tailored to your needs
  • Expert counsel on Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  telehealth policies, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, telemedicine prescribing, privacy and security, credentialing and privileging, reimbursement, international laws and much, much more
  • HIPAA privacy and data security audits, bringing you prevailing best practices to identify the greatest risks (including “Bring Your Own Device” [BYOD])

CTeL Innovations is the authoritative source for accurate telehealth legal and regulatory information.